GRE's needed for NP programs?

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    Hi, do NP programs require GRE's? Does it matter if I have a master's degree in something else?

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    Depends on the school. My school (Richard Stockton) didn't require them. I remember UPENN let's you skip them if your GPA is above a certain level. Check the websites or email them for specifics
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    If you already have a masters, many schools let you waive the GRE, since you presumably can handle graduate level work.
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    The school I attend requires the gre.
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    Honestly, if you've already got your Master's degree that shows that you can probably handle the GRE just fine, at least the English and Writing portions. A strong GRE can only help your application, so it might be worth it to take it anyway - and not eliminate the majority of programs who do ask for them.

    UIC waives the GRE if your GPA is adequate.