GRE's needed for NP programs?

  1. Hi, do NP programs require GRE's? Does it matter if I have a master's degree in something else?

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  3. by   NJprisonrn
    Depends on the school. My school (Richard Stockton) didn't require them. I remember UPENN let's you skip them if your GPA is above a certain level. Check the websites or email them for specifics
  4. by   myelin
    If you already have a masters, many schools let you waive the GRE, since you presumably can handle graduate level work.
  5. by   foxyhill21
    The school I attend requires the gre.
  6. by   bbcc
    Honestly, if you've already got your Master's degree that shows that you can probably handle the GRE just fine, at least the English and Writing portions. A strong GRE can only help your application, so it might be worth it to take it anyway - and not eliminate the majority of programs who do ask for them.

    UIC waives the GRE if your GPA is adequate.