George Washington online FNP 2014

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    Has anyone been accepted to the GW online FNP program starting Sept 2014? I found out I was accepted yesterday! I live in Baltimore, MD and wondering if anyone around this area has been accepted? Has anyone completed the program and have any advice for a new NP student? All recommendations are welcome=)

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    Hi Mallory, I'm Hannah from Oklahoma. I was accepted for the FNP program starting Sept 2014 too!
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    I just got my acceptance letter 2 days ago! I'm from Traverse City, MI
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    Congrats on your acceptance! Will you be going full time or part time?
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    Congrats! Im going part time, you? I'd like to get to know some people and start an email chain just in case we have questions/ concerns we will have someone to talk to!
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    Hi Hannah! Are you going full or part time?
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    Hey Mallory! I will be going part time as well

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