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Hi all, I am thinking about applying to Frontier for the FNP Program. While I have read and heard great things about the midwifery program, I haven't heard much about the FNP Program. I would... Read More

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    So, if the review will be completed on Nov. 9th... I wonder when we will hear about our acceptance?
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    Not sure because when I had my interview a couple of weeks ago, I was told it could be as late as December for notification because they had so many apps and obviously they couldn't admit everyone who applied for class 73. I was also told acceptance may be for the next class (75--unless ADN-MSN bridge student which would be 74) if not accepted for class 73. I asked if I could still start in April if accepted to class 75 and I was told yes. I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!!!
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    Yeah, I was told we wouldn't hear anything until late November, early December. I don't really mind if I get into Class 73 or 75 as long as I'm able to start in April. Fingers still crossed!
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    Biting my nails and pacing the floor.....:roll
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    I sent my BSN transcript in the nick of time (I just finished), so I wouldn't be suprised if I don't hear anything until December.....So I am spinning my wheels over here too!.....:spin:.....Best of luck to us all!!!
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    Hi everybody,

    I also applied for admission to Class 73 (WHCNP) and had my interview in mid-October. I'm in the hand-wringing, hair-twisting, floor-pacing "oh my gosh I'm gonna start twitching!!" mode now! lol! I was told that they hoped to be able to let applicants know by the end of November. I SO want to call, but I know they've got to be busy and I don't want to be a thorn in someone's side, ya know?

    I still have time to apply to U of Cincinnatti, but I am SO drawn to Frontier that I just don't see myself going anywhere else... Here's hoping for the news we all want to hear!

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    Still pacing.... still biting my nails... Anyone heard anything?
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    Quote from Sugah Britches
    Still pacing.... still biting my nails... Anyone heard anything?
    I'm right there pacing with you Sugah! Dang, I think I have a full-blown twitch now - hope I don't drop the turkey tomorrow! LOL! Good thoughts for all of us and Happy Thanksgiving to y'all too!
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    Boy, they weren't exaggerating when they said the end of the month!! Checking my email everyday...several times a day...still keeping these fingers crossed.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving
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    I am right there with all of you...a pacing and a Another funny thing, when I checked the school's site this morning for any updates, I noticed FSMFN has pushed all review dates to later dates. Point being, who knows when we will really hear something. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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    Hello I have also applied to Fronteir class75, I was wondering about the acceptance rates. I read one posting that stated if you met the requirements you were automatically accepted, is that true ( I hope so). Any information/prayers will be greatly appreciated
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    Drum roll please..........I GOT ACCEPTED INTO CLASS 73!! No more pacing about. I can finally breath!! WOO HOO!! Please check your emails and let me know. I won't uncross my fingers (or toes) until you do!!

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