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Found a Preceptor!

  1. 1 So I will be starting my first clinical experience in the fall and I am so excited that I was able to find a FNP to precept me after only making two phone calls! I have heard so many horor stories about online students being unable to find preceptors so I definately had my doubts. I am not from the state I live in either so I had no connections or contacts. I basically just started with the list of past preceptors from my school and went from there. It was definately a lot easier than I anticipated.

    Anyway I just wanted to offer some encouragement to the online students out there who need to find their own preceptor. Don't get discouraged! There are NPs out there willing to precept you!
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    I love my preceptor and hope to be one in the future.
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    Quote from gettingbsn2msn
    I love my preceptor and hope to be one in the future.

    that is awesome. I'm sure there will definately be students out there who need you!