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FNP subspecialty

  1. 0 I will be starting clinicals soon and we get some hours dedicated to subspecialties. Can anyone tell me what subspecialty they are in and why they like it? I'm not sure what I'm interested in besides family practice...
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    Are you planning staying in family practice? If so, I found that NICU and CC/UC experiences are helpful.
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    Can you do hospice? I am just beginning school and am hospice RN and would like to know this! It might be an interesting way to look at things for a while too!
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    @berdeenbird UAB has some palliative care specific courses. They used to offer a post master's certification in palliative care, but I no longer see that information on their website. There is a HUGE push for palliative care NPs, which must be trained either as ANPs or FNPs.