FNP exam ?

  1. Can u sign up to take both AANC and AANP then if you pass only one of the two only forward the results from the one you passed to the state. I noticed when I signed up for AANP tat you could elect to not forward results automatically. I too ave potential job and need a backup plan in case I have test anxiety instead of waiting too long and retest.
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  3. by   reeya
    Yes, you can but I have heard that ANCC takes longer than AANP to process the application. You can apply both at the same time and send scores to state board of nursing, either both or one of them. When are you taking your test? If overt test anxiety is an issue, you know beta blocker works in situation like this. Inderal XL...is best for performance based anxiety, take an hour before you sit for exam and it will work throughout your test. Don't let the anxiety take best of you. May be practice on relaxation techniques. Deep breathing and positive thinking works just fine if it is mild anxiety. Remember to take breaks if you must during the exam itself. Good luck.