Best state to obtain NP education?

  1. Curious on thoughts about the 'best' state to obtain NP education is (using the term loosely). Considerations include costs (upmost), scope of practice/autonomy, obtaining clinical sites, ability to get flexible employment during school, etc.

    Considering going back to school but currently living in one of the most expensive areas of the country (SF) and do not think it's in my best interest to attempt graduate school in such an expensive city - we're interested in relocating anyways. Any comments are appreciated!
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  3. by   TraumaRN21
    I think that whatever state you live in will be cheaper. If you relocate to another state you will have to pay out of state tuition for a minimum of one year. Which is usually 4 times more than in-state tuition. In State tuition in California is a great deal because of all the renowned State Colleges. Your best bet is to go to a state college work part time and go to school part time that way you can pay as you go without accruing high student loans.