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    I have been an ambulatory care nurse for 6 years. No acute RN/floor nursing experience. GPA 3.1. What are my chances of getting into FNP programs?

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    i am curious on this topic also.. i work for ambulatory gi clinic and would love to be an NP but have no med surg experience.
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    the chances are good. . I'm in a PNP tract but one of my friends is doing FNP at the same school and she went into ambulatory care right out nursing school and and never had floor experience. I think she was a nurse for only a 1 or 2 before starting the program. Also something to keep in mind many people go right into NP programs with any type of nursing experience and are accepted.
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    go for it! i found that when i applied to FNP programs, they wanted to know how many years i worked as a nurse, but not necessarily which dept

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