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ACNP/FNP Dual Online Program - Emergency NP

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    So looking into NP. I am interested in a Dual ACNP/FNP program so that I can see kids, but still have acute care training. I love the idea of an ENP, however none are offered in my area. Does anyone know of a dual online program. I have looked @ Vanderbilt - however out of my budget at this time. I have also looked @ univ. south alabama. Wondering if there are any others out there. I have looked on the forums, but most of the posts have been from a few years ago.

    Thanks so much for your help
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    I want to know the same thing, anyone?
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    i think emory has a enp program!
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    i think usa (south alabama) has it: advanced emergency nursing (family np/adult-gerontological acute care dual role) is that what you're looking for?