Aanp website practice test

  1. How well do the practice test questions on the website ($50) correlate with the actual aanp fnp test? So if you take that practice exam and get a high score, do that indicate you are ready for boards?
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  3. by   nitasarn
    I thought it correlated very well with the exam. But u have to write down ur answer because u can't go back to it. I got a 92% on the practice test. And did very well on the exam . I like it because at the end it tells u want you need to work on most if the exam was assessment so I really dove into my assessment book at the end. I think it's worth it. Good luck
  4. by   Aussierules1985
    Thankfully I do believe its a very good testing program... FOR THE AANP TEST!
    As far as the other; you need to get a ANCC handbook or something...

    But as the above post mentioned; you will lose your questions after looking at the results i think (use the iphone!!!)

    ps i passed both first try.