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Waiting list at Dakota Weslyan

  1. 0 Hello Everyone in South Dakota,

    I previously lived in Mitchell. I am currently living in California looking for a nursing program. I hear the waiting list at some colleges are over three years! Anyone know if there is a waiting list at Weslyan? I'm seriously thinking about moving back if there isn't one.
    Any info would help.:redpinkhe
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    I am unsure of a waiting list at DWU. I live in Hot Springs, SD and my son is attending DWU this fall. I would start by calling the school directly. If you hold an LPN license, would an online school be an option for you?
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    Hi bzmom.
    I don't hold a lvn. Yes I will call them. I thought I had read somewhere on here that there is one. Ahh just thinking about Mitchell makes me shiver. brrr