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Sisseton Wahpeton College

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    Does anyone know any information about this school in South Dakota? Any information is greatly appreciated.
    My friend told me about it and really wanted to know any information. When I call the school it says the user has no contrract with Magic Jack(I am calling with a magic jack) phone.
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    I know of some people that have graduated from their RN program. I don't think their pass rate is very high. I know of some that have had to take their NCLEX more then once... I was looking into going into their RN program at one time because it was a 2 yr program at the time.. had found that it had gotten pulled from SD board of nursing accreditation because of low pass rates.. They also have a lpn program. I think now in order to get into the rn program you have to be a lpn first... and then it is another yr.. Not sure but I think the lpn program is one yr.
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    oh thank you for answering that for me. So it is not accredited?