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CNA training programs in South Dakota?

  1. 0 Hello all. I'm SDChargersGirl#31 and I currently reside in California. I will be moving to South Dakota by May and was looking into programs for CNA training near Yankton. The only one I can seem to find is Avera, which looks like a three day training program. Really? A three day program? That doesn't exactly scream "QUALITY" to me. I'm looking for a program that is accredited and will allow me to work in the hospital. I see on the BON a bunch of nursing home facilities and that seems like it would be more "on the job" training for that particular facility and not necessarily something I could take with me somewhere else. Does anyone have an suggestions of a program more in tune with what I am looking for? Thanks in advance.
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    If you are looking for a free listing of all the state approved CNA training programs in South Dakota I would suggest checking out , they have long-term care facilities, private schools and two-year community colleges. It is also a good reference for nurse aide registries by state. Good luck!