Where are all the Tri-County Tech, Pendleton, SC -Students ( Anderson&Oconee SC )

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    The school has over 6,000 students this year and Nursing Careers are No.2 at this school. I am surprised there are not more Students on here.
    It sure would have been nice to talk with others going through the same thing at the same school. Especially, the older students who are nervous about going the first time.
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    I am starting next week at tctc. I am also suprised to see no one on this site from our school. I went to orientation today, not much new info covered. Very few faces from my prereq classes. Please introduce yourself to me next week, you will know who I am. Lots of reading to do with the huge pile of books we need.


    PS I am one of the older students but not really nervous about it, we will make it with less trouble due to greater life experience!
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    Hello Charlie,

    I am starting my pre-req's. this semester. I have a ways to go. But, I am glad to hear finally of others on here from TCTC. You are ahead of me, You wanna trade? just kidding. I am nervous, anxious and stressed. But that is because I am new to going back to school. I will be fine and your right, I am older and wiser to some degree. I will have all my heart into this schooling and some of that is maturity and some is just plain I want this bad.
    Maybe I will see you but if you are in clinicals than we may not meet. I hope we do, its nice to have friends to talk to that understand what is going on.

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    I misunderstood at first, thought that you were in clinical portion. I am buying my books now, a big hit in the wallet. The lines at the bookstore and for parking stickers are long. They are charging $30 this year for parking stickers, free last year. Do you have your log in set up at tctc yet?
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    Hi, my name is Amanda. I am also a pre nursing student at tctc. I have about a year of prereqs to do and I am verrrrry excited. I just got my books for the classes for this semester and am anxious to see how it goes. Hope all of you are doing well. Take Care.
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    Hello Everyone,
    I am also at TCTC as a prenursing student. I am also a bit older than the others. The fee for the parking sticker this year is crazy. Have any of you bought books from online book stores other than TCTC? I have looked up prices and have not found much difference and i'm not sure i trust them.
    Anyways, good to hear from you all.
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    Picked up a couple of books on ebay, saved $5 on one and $50 on the other. Could have saved about $40 on another but I wasn't sure it would arrive on time. Still don't have all of my books, buying as the budget allows. It was a madhouse today when I picked up a couple of books and my parking sticker. Better arrive early to get a parking spot at main campus on Monday.
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    Yep, That parking fee is for the birds!! And cardiac hill!!! The lines have been long but they do have an abundance of students this year. I had to take some of my classes at the Anderson Campus. I might like it better there though, we will see how the parking goes. The book prices are crazy!! You can buy some of your books elsewhere but you need to make sure the Instructor says that they will except that. Most of the time, you have cd's and on- line pass codes in the new book packages that you will need for the class. Be sure to ask them first so you won't have problems.

    Charlie T, I have gotten my tctc log in- my email address is: [PM for info]Everyone needs to get to Campus earlier than normal for your classes next week due to the parking problems we may encounter. (Lack of parking places).

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    Cardiac hill, I haven't heard that one in a while, my CPT170 instructor George called it that. He was a great teacher. If the hill don't kill you, you will be in great shape in 3yrs.
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    Yep, I need the exercise anyway!!! Doesn't bother me.