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The school has over 6,000 students this year and Nursing Careers are No.2 at this school. I am surprised there are not more Students on here. It sure would have been nice to talk with others going through the same thing at the... Read More

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    I am transfering into Tri-County from another school and have all the prereqs for the LPN program. Does anyone know about how many points you need to get in?
    Any advice would be helpful!
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    I know you are looking for a number, however the answer to you question is...it depends. It depends on how many points your fellow students have. Most people get in as they are nearly finished with prereqs. Look at the nursing handbook on ETC (let me know if you need a link) The LPN program is going to be split between the new Easley campus and another campus (Oconee I think?????)
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    Hi all,

    This Fall 2011 you have to have at least 46 points and high GPA to get into LPN nursing program and at least 47 points to get into the RN nursing program. But for the RN program I would say you need to have more points than 47 to be competitive. So many students are not passing the new TEAS test and so they have to go through the LPN program, which is not bad at all. You take LPN and transition into RN. It's One maybe two semesters longer and you get a good foundation.
    So the majority of students are seeking the LPN program and Transitioning to RN.Many students had 44 points and did not get into LPN and of course did not get into RN programs.

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    Has anyone taken the ATI test? what materials are you using to study for it. Where can I find it?
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    You was going to call, have not heard from you. please email virginiamae@yahoo.com
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    Are you still in the nursing program. I am just starting this fall. They told me I have to take the ATI test. Is this the step test? or is it the ATI fundamentals test?
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    I am taking the TEA test... any advise ?
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    anyone know the min score to get in the RN last semester ?
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    Scorpio, just took the TEAS V at Pendleton. The science is the toughest section. I scored an 88 overall, 95 in reading, 89 in English, 89 in math and 83 in science. Lots of chemistry. Apparently the grapevine is that a lot of folks are not coming near the minimum requirements and they may lower the score minimums this spring. I will be applying in May for August clinicals....should have 63 points which should be ample. I think you need around 50 to be absolutely sure of getting into clinicals. Just taking Bio 102 and Nutrition this spring to finish off pre-recs for BSN bridge after clinicals. If you have any questions, just ask. RICH
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    I haven't heard from you in a while, just wondered what your current status is. I am still working on it, doing my preceptorship now.