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The school has over 6,000 students this year and Nursing Careers are No.2 at this school. I am surprised there are not more Students on here. It sure would have been nice to talk with others going through the same thing at the... Read More

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    Charlie T,
    I am having to retake my Bio 101, it had been more than the 5 year limit. That is the only lab science I have this semester. The advisor I met with this week, when I was finally able to register wants me to take the TEAS! I don't want to take it... any suggestions? She suggested that my compass scores were high, and the TEAS shouldn't be a problem. I'm truely only concerned about the science. Also, did you take Mat 103? The advisor didn't have a preferance and said I should do fine in either the 103 or the 120 math. I've been reading the first chapter, it is not necessarily even a math class. Now that you explained what LTC is, I am thinking, " how could I have not known that?" Thanks so much for the invite to ask you questions, I'll be sure to continue to take you up on that!
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    I can't give you any suggestions on the teas because they used different testing when I started. I have taken mat103 and 120. Both are not that difficult and they overlap to some extent. I had Roger Kern for 120 and thought he was a great teacher. Some students did not like him. Check out ratemyprofessor.com for opinions on instructors. Who will you have for bio101 and for math? What other classes, if any, are you taking this fall? If you have ANY thoughts about getting your BSN later, you need to look into what you need for that so your prereqs can count towards the BSN. It's a good thing to finish up your prereqs before starting nursing classes. I don't recommend taking anything else with nursing classes.
    Don't worry about not knowing what ltc means, there are many, many things like that to learn. It's all just part of your education. I am sure you will have many more questions, just fire away.
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    Charlie T,
    For Bio 101 I have David Henry, lab instructor is Anne Lattimore.
    Spc 205, Dana Griffith
    My Math 103, is online, instructor is Keri Catafoma.
    Cpt 170, also on onlin, Sheila Pittman
    Nur 170 online, Beth Shultz

    I had looked into the BSN and noticed you got a point for each of the classes that you take. The good thing about the Bio 101 is I will get a point for it! I'll have to find out if I get points for classes taken at Greenville Tech. I had my Eng 101 and 102. I picked up the study guide today for the TEAS!! So far the math is not an issue, but that is all I have had time to look over.
    How many points did you have to get in the program and when did you go on the complete list? Which option did you use? When did you start taking your pre-reqs.?
    I planned on doing all my pre- reqs. before starting, that is partly why I was doing the pre-nursing as my option. The TEAS will get me on the complete list quicker, but I was originally going to use that as my option.
    How was AHS 117? Did you take this alone with other classes? I know I have alot of questions but I tell my kids, "you'll never know if you don't ask."
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    Of those teachers, the only one I have had is D.G. I was nervous about that class, but by the end of the semester I was really enjoying the class. The final project was a group project that went really well. I have heard really good things about K.C. but have never had her as an instructor. Nur170 is a breeze.
    You will get points for your classes from Greenville tech, no problem. You might need to make sure that your letter grade is on the transcript. I HIGHLY recommend that you have a transcripts sent to 3 places, student records, Ms Rhodes, and to yourself. It is important that you get your full point value, not just transfer credit value (a C). I ended up having to rush an out of state transcript in order to get a B instead of generic transfer credit (a C). The point system has changed a couple of times, so my point value won't really mean anything to you. I had three classes left to go towards my bsn prereqs when I started the program. One of those (mat103) I finished last semester. I took prereqs for two years before starting nursing classes. I used the testing option to make the complete list. I got a seat the first time I put in. I put in for both the adn and the lpn program and qualified for a seat in both. Mrs. Rhoads called me and told me I had to choose which seat I wanted. You can no longer put in for both programs at the same time. Finishing the prereqs before nursing classes is the way to go. The first semester of nursing school is not too bad, but after that it becomes tough. I took a cna class many, many years ago in another state, so I can't really tell you much about 117. I do recommend that you take it soon, because that class will help you decide if this career choice is really right for you and according to the grapevine 117 can be difficult to get into. I don't see any problem taking 117 along with another class or two, it really isn't that difficult. You will be learning some basic skills and gain some real world clinical experience in 117.
    Hopefully this is helping you to see the big picture and just get a feel for the program. Like you, I loaded up on classes in order to build points quickly.
    hang in there!
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    CPT170 is also a breeze, I did all of the class requirments in three weeks and never went back to class, made an A
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    Thanks Charlie T!
    I wish you continued success.
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    hello everyone!

    my name is nicole and i graduated from tri county in 2004, but i'm going back in spring 2011 for nursing. i have taken bio 101 @ liberty university and i'm really hoping that it transfers so that i can jump into bio 210 in the spring. i plan on attending the new nursing student, update to nursing, and the clinical workshop when there available.

    i have printed out everything from the tctc website and according to the paper
    steps to associate degree in nursing you have to submit your notice of completion by either pre-nursing certificate, teas test, or degree in health related field. personally, i'm going the pre-nursing certificate route, but i will study and take a shot at the teas.

    i pray for you all and hope you have much success! good luck and study hard (my journey begins spring 2011)
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    I don't think you will have any trouble transfering your bio101 credit. Are you only going to take one class in the spring?
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    I plan on taking Bio 210 and Bio 240, as you know 240 is the Nutrition class and I don't hear much about that class. If I take the Teas Test and score good I don't have to get the Pre Nursing Certificate to get on the complete list, but I'm thinking that I better go ahead and take it, just in case I don't score well. Do you think taking those classes together are a good idea?
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    I don't see any problem taking those together. Its a good plan to take one lab course per semester.