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The school has over 6,000 students this year and Nursing Careers are No.2 at this school. I am surprised there are not more Students on here. It sure would have been nice to talk with others going through the same thing at the... Read More

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    Goodluck with everything and thank you so much for the responses.
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    Oooo...finally, some Tri-County people! I'm finishing up my pre-reqs this semester and starting the RN program in January. I've been taking all my classes at the Anderson Campus and will miss it greatly! I loved BIO 210 & 211, so if you need any help just ask. Someone mentioned taking pictures of the models...yes, do! Helps a ton. Good luck to you all!
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    Hi tiger and welcome to the site. Congrats on making it to the clinical portion. Save up your pennies for the first semester books, uniforms and endless other things that you will have to buy that first semester. Before you know it you will be on the hospital floor. See ya' around campus.
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    I haven't been on in awhile, due to first, studying my butt off and next the holidays.
    Well, finished one semester, starting another. Charlie, I managed to get a B in Bio 101, and A's in my other 4 classes. Finished up with 3.6. Boy, I am so glad Bio 101 is over. And I read where you said the Bio 210 A&P was better. So that is a relief. All my classes, the next semester are at the Anderson campus. I like the campus there better. I am taking the same work load. Bio 210 Lab and Lecture, Art 101-Art appreciation, Math101, Psy 201. I put off speech for the next time. I dread the speech class. Your right about developing friendships. Many friendships. Although, I am some what older than all of them. The oldest person so far I have develop a good friendship is 38, well I am 8 years older. I am someone who gets along and does well with all age groups, I always have. We all help and respect one another. its wonderful. Tri-County does have some great people going to school, all are always willing to help!!!!

    I am glad you are on this forum, it helps to hear what is ahead. Glad your here!!!

    Happy New Years to all!!!
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    Oh, a quick reply to all, glad we finally have Tri-County people on here!!!
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    I was dreading the speech class as well. By the end I actually enjoyed it, but I am glad to have that one behind me. Its good to hear that you are making friends. Some of the people that are your classmates now, will be your classmates in the clinical classes. Building these friendships now is a good move, after hours study groups are the norm in the clinical classes. You will likely have Dr. Farr for anatomy lab at Anderson. She is a good teacher, gets right to the point. You must have worked hard to end up with a 3.6 with the class load you were taking. Kudos to you for the effort. There is a notice on the schools website about a workshop for filling out the entry form, I recommend that you attend. Have you made the complete list yet? You MUST be on the complete list in order to apply for entry into clinical classes. My best guess is that you would start the clinical classes fall of 2010 or spring of 2011, based on the prereqs that you are taking. The summer offers both of the anatomy classes as two five week sessions, so I know that you can pick up bio211 over the summer. Keep in mind that the classes you take this spring will be the last classes that you will be able to use the points towards getting in next fall. In other words, this spring semester is a good time to take a HEAVY course load, even if the gpa ends up taking a bit of a hit. If you don't have it yet consider adding in the cpt 170 class. I made an A in that class and finished all of the requirments in under three weeks by remaining focused. Please let me know if you don't understand how to navigate the process of getting into the clinical portion. Right now getting past this stage should be your main focus, along with keeping the grades up of course. You will also need bio225, micro class, I am not sure if it is offered during the summer, so you might be better off taking 225 and then taking 210 and 211 during the summer. You can do both of them in one summer semester, as they are done in five (difficult) weeks each. When deciding what classes to take during the spring just keep in mind what is and is not offered during the summer semester. Many classes are not offered during the summer, so you may need to use a bit of strategy to make sure you have something left to take in the summer semester.
    The first nursing semester was very enjoyable for me. I am easily crossing gender, race, and age barriers making friends with my classmates. It is interesting to observe the various personalities of my fellow students. The older ones are generally more relaxed and the younger a little more drama filled. There are exceptions of course! Next semester for me is common health problems, aka med-surg one. This class will include starting IVs, giving blood, and more hospital time than the first semester.
    I would love to meet all of you in person. Hang in there and keep up the good work in those pre-reqs, they will help you in the nursing classes.

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    Hello, Good to hear from you again Charlie. Thanks for the information again!
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    I'm a 2003 graduate of Tri-County Tech. My area of interest was/is critical care nursing. I worked my first year in telemetry to hone my skills on the job and then went into critical care where I've been ever since. I didn't care too much for the first really small hospital I worked at. Too "clic-ish" and way too many 'Bible thumpers' proselitizing to their vulnerable, sick patients about repenting their sins and becoming 'born-again' Christians. I'm happy and blessed to be working at a larger (but still small) hospital in their critical care unit. I work with a great group of young nurses who have an excellent work-ethic and know what the true meaning of 'teamwork' really is. I don't care for the 'politics' of nursing, so I just do my job to the best of my abilities and leave the '*******, ********, moaning and groaning" to those who seem to do it best, in the hopes that they will one day find somewhere else to work and 'spread their kind of joy' while on the job. I think that if you aren't in a position to change what's buggin' you...."shut up and do your job or go back to college and get a higher degree so you can work in administration to make the changes." I've noticed though, that the higher up in administration that nurses go.....the more it becomes about making money for the hospital and their fat bonuses than it is about patient care and safety."
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    I like you... to the point, the way it should be!!! I have also been interested in the critical care side of it but just need to get through this part first which seems to be harder than I ever imagined. I am a tough, hard-working, love to keep busy person but this semester I took too much on I believe. I was ahead and now I seemed to barely be holding on. I have a decision to make soon I think and that is to WD from on of my classes so I don't I mess up my grade points. Everyone told me not to drop my Bio 210 -A & P 1, but I think I would rather take it by itself or with one other class. I have 5 classes right now, too much, and all are required!! I am trying to keep up with everyone else and am rushing thru this but I don't have to. I want to finish as soon as possible but I d am not in a hurry. My on-line math and psychology are loading me down with so much homework I don't have in between time to get my Art and biology, ect. done. But if all I do is my biology than the others suffer. The homework and tests alone in A&P are enough to keep someone busy 24 hours a day. They are just loading us down, on top of that we have a ton of adjunct professors and instructors and they are lost too when it comes to teaching sometimes. They can confuse you so bad. I don't know what I will do. I don't mind work but I want to do well and remeber what I learned.
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    Hi everyone! I am new to allnurses.com, and I am also a student in the nursing program at Tri-County. I am in the ADN program, working on NUR 101 and 106 at the moment. Anyone that has been through the classes that could offer suggestions on the best way to LEARN (not memorize) the material, I am open to all suggestions.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts. I've enjoyed them so far.

    Take Care, back to the books for me!