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The school has over 6,000 students this year and Nursing Careers are No.2 at this school. I am surprised there are not more Students on here. It sure would have been nice to talk with others going through the same thing at the... Read More

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    Hey! I'm an older student. I can't start my pre-reqs until Jan. due to my current job. I'm ready to get started now! Glad I found you all on here.
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    Hey Lorin Welcome . Something I noticed this year about Tri-County that I really liked, and never knew about, was that you can buy your $30.00 parking fee with financial aid. Very helpful if you have any left after buying books lol.
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    I hope all the Tri-County Tech students are doing well!! I know everyone is busy and studying hard but I wanted to give a shout out Hello!! Its been hard this half of the semester but I am pushing on through. I have had to learn how to study all over again. I find that Bio is harder for me than the other courses so far. I have made quite a few new friends and all the students are just wonderful. I am older than most of the Instructors and students but thats ok. I really don't know how I would have gotten through this so far without my new friends. They have been great.

    I do wish I could find a mentor though. Someone who has been there, got the T-shirt so to speak, that I could talk to on a more, one on one level. I can't seem to find a program like that here in this area. Anderson County, SC

    Early registration starts Monday and I can't believe that it is time already. Mid terms start next week and I am Exhausted!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you to all of the people on here, the all nurses forum for the advice and help... It really did helped me!!!

    Again I say, Thank you to all the new friends I have and that help me every day. I don't know what I would have done without you!!!

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    Which bio class are you in and who is your instructor? Which campus are you taking classes at?
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    Hey Charlie,

    I am doing ok in Bio 101 lab, that's just all memorization. And of course we just did our Lab Reports and that was not easy. I have never done one before and it was so in depth. I am worried about the Lab Report but that will be what it is. Can't change it.

    Bio 101 Lecture is my problem. 99 % of our class has never had Biology or has not had it in 20 + years, It is assumed that we all have had Bio 100 already. Non of us have!! So we all are struggling. I have and some of the others have gone to the professor and told her this and have asked for extra credit to pull these grades up. She is listening... but does not give extra credit. She is trying to think of some other things she could do to help.

    All of us did extremely well on our entrance exams in The reading and writing so we were automatically put in Bio 101 and the professor is unaware of this. Who knows what, great English does for Biology but that is how it is determined. Of course, she is aware of it now. I feel for her. She did not know.

    I could have taken Bio 100 and chem.100 and still moved right to A&P but I wasn't aware of that and neither were the others in my class. We all would have benefited from taking Bio 100 instead.

    We all just had our test on Chapters 1-6 and we all did awful. Its time for her to tell us what we can do fix this. It was very intense. We are now talking about DNA which I am a little more interested in. And we are studying Bio molecules, Carbon, and Organic chemistry.

    It would not be good for all of us to have to take the Bio over, there is so much to take. Most us have to take all pre req's, not like the young ones just coming out of High School. The younger ones have had some of this already in High School. Not being negative toward them, in some areas there is an advantage to be young and fresh out of High School.

    I have been trying to go to the Tutoring, we all have but we are so booked on classes, we have no time to go.

    We will see whats next and I will be talking to her again.

    Oh, I am taking my Bio's at the Anderson campus. Me and you spoke before and our Lab instructor was the same but not Lecture when you took Bio 101.

    Now for you, how is the Clinicals going????
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    I will be taking bio 101 in the spring semester and am really worried about the lab part and the lab journals. I previously have had bio 101 but did not do so well. If you can when you get a chance Colesc, could you tell me a little bit about more of what to expect with those? Do you have to present them to the class? I am scared to death to take the lab part. All of the rest of my prereqs are bio classes. Goodluck with your classes.
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    It really depends who you get as an Instructor on what will be expected of you in Lab. I had to learn how to study again. Once I learned that Bio Lab is not so bad. Mostly memorization every week. Weekly quiz's. Just finished a in depth Lab Report. The school has their own Lab manual you will study, not the book you buy. You get that lab manual on the first day. I will be doing journals in Bio lecture. We will start those next week. I am not sweating those because I am pretty good at English. You have to write 2 pages about a certain subject she gives us. I'll know more later.

    In lab you will basically do experiments and go through the lab manual and have a quiz/test every week. One Lab report due sometime in the semester.

    I am surprised you don't have to take any more lectures. My understanding is when you take a lecture, you have to take a Lab. Bio 101 lecture and bio lab= 2 classes, Bio 210(A&P 1) lecture and lab= 2 classes and so forth. Or maybe that is what you meant and I just misunderstood.

    The journals in Bio 101 lecture are not intimidating. I just not quite sure when we start them and what the subject is yet.

    I wish I was as far as you. I have a ways to go yet. This is my first semester.

    That's about it I guess.

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    Yes, I remember now. The good thing about taking bio 101 is that you can use it toward your BSN if you are going that route. That class was the most difficult for me so far. Registration starts at exactly 8:00 AM on Monday, I plan to be sitting at a computer then, so that I can pick the schedule that is best for me. Later.
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    Charlie T,

    Yep, Bio 101 is kicking my butt. I am totally worried about A&P, I hear horror stories. How did you make it through A&P, both Lab and lecture?

    Bio 101, class is my problem, actually 99% of our class is not doing well in there. The lab, again is all memorization. So that I been able to maintain.
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    Cole, Lori, and Bassmom,

    Bio101 was the toughest for me, worse than A&P. As for bio 210, lab will be the most of the anatomy work. I recommend that you take a digital camera to the first lab. You can take pics of the models, print them out and label the print out as a study aid. I think that tri county has excellent models to learn the anatomy with. Not only will you learn all the bone names, you will learn holes, grooves, notches, etc. Muscles will be the same way with orgins and insertions. This is straight memorization. The lecture part will be more of the p'ology, ie, how muscles move. The lecture grades will be 75% of your total grade, so spend most of your time on that. The lab grades will count 25% of your total grade. Now here is the catch. You must make a passing grade in both the lab and the lecture portion in order to recieve credit for the course. I took 210 during the summer as a 5 week class that met Monday-Thursday, it was very tough to do in 5 weeks. The bookstore has an optional coloring book that some people swear by but I didn't use it. A&P does not have the lab journal and the essays that 101 has. Having a study group can work wonders for your grades. Cole, don't sweat the one written lab paper, it only counts a tiny amount of your final grade, so little that I did not even do it! Lori, and Bass, as I have told Cole, is a good ideal to take one class each semester that has a lab requirment, no more and no less. Bassmom, no presentation to class, just papers to write for 101. The labs are nothing to fear, I think the labs tend to be more relaxed and fun than lecture. Microbiology was a neat class, learning about bacteria and viruses, and no papers to write there. Bass, I don't know if you have taken it or not, you will have a speech class in which you give four speeches. I was very worried about taking speach class but actually ended up enjoying it. Everyone in that class was nervous at first, turned into a tight group at the end.

    Nursing classes are not just memorization, you must learn to think through the test questions and pick the best answer out of four good ones. I see already that I am developing friendships that will last a lifetime. Of course some of my other classmates are already getting on my nerves. As you go along, you will be meeting more and more students that will end up being your classmates in nursing classes. I signed up for the schedule I wanted on Monday morning, the computers were very slow with so many people trying to do the same thing, took me right at one hour to get in and about two minutes to actually register.

    I have clinical on Thursdays, but I have to go to the hospital the day before to meet my patient for the next day and find out what meds and treatments that he/she is taking the next day. I then come home and look up treatments, meds, side effects, how given, why given, etc. etc. Then I write a nursing care plan for that patient. It takes a few hours to do all that to prepare for clinical. We have to be in the hospital and at the nurse's station at 6:45AM to get report from third shift and start the day.

    If ya'll have any other questions or uncertainties, I will try my best to fill you in.

    Good luck,