Waccamaw Hosptial

  1. I will be moving to Murrell's Inlet in June and have interviewed at Waccamaw. Does anyone work there that can tell me how they feel about it? Especially if they are currently working in Inpatient Rehab.

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  3. by   northshore08
    I just moved from there, and worked for Georgetown Hospital System for 15 years, mostly in the ED. Waccamaw is a great hospital. I would go back there tomorrow. Sometimes we would get pts down in the ED from up on rehab if they went bad (it's not considered a regular hospital floor, so pts who go bad can't go directly to another floor, from what I understood.) I had limited contact with the staff on the floor, but I heard nothing bad.

    Waccamaw pays better than other facilities in the area, and they are building a new hospital in Georgetown soon. That gives you other options as well.
  4. by   missjennmb
    I know this wasnt directed at me but its great news. Thank you for sharing. I have my fingers crossed that their recruiter likes my resume at this very moment.