TriCounty Tech Students/ Anderson

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    HI---Any TCTC nursing students out there? Let's get in touch!

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    I am cuurently on the update list for LPN program. I am just wondering about the Nursing classes at tri-County? I hope that I will be able to get in Fall 08. I was glad to see someone who goes to tri-county. I do not see alot of people from tri-county to respond or post a thread. Good Luck with your classes.
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    Good luck~
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    I am starting in the Fall '09'. I am going through the ADN- program to be a RN, just starting my first semester of book work... books, books, hard classes,I heard! I haven't been in school in 28 years so I am older per say. In my 40's. I am very nervous and a little scared of what to expect...

    I also noticed hardly any Tri-County Tech people here. I wonder why?
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    Hey anyone from Tri County, Id love to hear about the program?
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    Hey is anyone in the program at Tri County, how many points did you have?

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