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  1. Hello, I was wondering what the typical week of a BSN nursing student resembled. I will be driving one hour and forty-five minutes to the school and I just wanted to know how many days they usually have you attending.
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  3. by   Hercules
    Hi, I'm a current BSN student at South and the first quarter we were on campus Monday-Thursday. Two of those days were for lab, which we chose morning (8-12) or afternoon (1-5). The second quarter is where time becomes a bit of a problem, atleast until you find a routine, because Friday will be clinical day. It might ease your mind to know that one of my classmates lives around the same distance from campus and she makes it work. Hope that helps a bit!
  4. by   SVig513
    Hi Hercules. I attend South as well and am working to get into the program. I do have a few questions- How did you prepare for the TEAS? I was told by another student that all pre-reqs are not necessarily required before application to the program, is this true? Once you apply, what happens from there?- Do you finish pre-reqs if you haven't already? Tons of advice needed, please and thanks!