SC home care nurses

  1. My home care agency (I do private duty), is claiming "the state" is cracking down and they can longer let nurses use military time (24 hr clock) and instead we must chart 4pm or 4 am etc. This seems to be going backwards. Military time is more exact and there is less chance of error. With some nurses with sloppy handwriting it can be hard to tell the difference between their am and pm. ALSO they say "the state" is cracking down with other aspects of charting and they are calling us into the office to change/correct rather insignificant things on our paperwork. They claim "the state" will not pay (most of these are Medicaid cases) if the charting is not perfect or if we use military time.

    Any SC home care nurses out there? Is this happening at other agencies too? Or is my agency full of it? And who is "the state"???? - does it mean the state Medicaid office? or the state board of nursing?? Or?? I would like to contact them myself about this ridiculous stuff.
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