Relocating from Charleston to Columbia

  1. 0 My husband recently got a promotion with his company which will have us relocating from Charleston to Columbia. I am an RN BSN with critical care experience as well as experience caring for cath lab/EP lab patients and clinical instructing. I am currently in a DREAM JOB (it is a running joke at the hospital that someone has to retire or die for a position to open up), so even though I am psyched for my husband, it will be difficult for me to leave.

    As a SC native, I have lived in several different areas in our state, but I'm not familiar with job satisfaction of nurses at the various hospitals in the Columbia area. Does anyone here have insight on this? Also, how picky can I be? I really don't want to settle after having such a fantastic job!

    I will be looking at non-hospital nursing jobs as well, but I thought I'd begin my search with hospitals and then narrow down to smaller companies.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Palmetto Health has good hospitals in Columbia. I would recommend looking at them.

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