Question re: getting transcripts OK'd for CNA

  1. hello, im new on this site, i am also a BSN undergraduate from Philippines i finish 3 and half year bsn in st jude college but i didn't finish,im planning to work in a hospital but as a cna i need to have a certificate which cost again time and money, any advice, i have my transcript with me, is there a agency that will evaluate my transcript and make the us equivalent standard so i can work as soon as possible, im from south carolina
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  3. by   msdeniece
    In order to work as a CNA,you have to be certified in the state you're trying to work. You have to go to an accredited program and take the state's certification exam. A transcript won't do, sorry.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Contact the agency that will be issuing the CNA certificate. They will inform you about the requirements.