Question for Myrtle Beach Nurses

  1. I have a question for some of the nurses in the Myrtle Beach area. I am an RN with 8 yrs exp in Med Surg, Neuro, Ortho, and post surgical floors and also spent 3 yrs as a travel nurse. Back in October I moved to Myrtle Beach and have been looking for a position at the major 3 hospitals in the area, I have applied online at Grand Strand, Conway, and Waccamaw and even sent my resumes to the nursing recruiters at these hospitals, I have been to human resources and they all say they are hiring, I receive the Sun News every Sun and they have the adds in the paper and still to this day 3 months later I haven't heard anything. I even went as far as having a recruiting firm try to get me a position but the recruiter never even received a return call back. My question to any of you nurses in Myrtle Beach who may work at any of these hospitals are they truly looking for help or is there a hiring freeze going on in the area, or is it because its the off season? I have never encountered this problem before and I know the economy is in the tank but I never thought being a nurse that it would be this difficult finding a position. I appreciate any feedback.
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