New nurse offered job but is it legal?

  1. I'm a relatively new nurse. The school I went to offers the option to take the LPN nclex half way through the program so I did and I worked prn while I finished school (I take the RN nclex this week, eek!). I would say I've worked a total of maybe 200 hours as an LPN. Anyway, the place I work offered me a full-time position as either ADON or DON not sure because I haven't actually sat down with them yet to discuss things since the job is based on if I pass the nclex or not. I was very excited since most people need experience first and jumped at the opportunity until I spoke with a co-worker regarding this and she said that the now ADON wants to work under my license because she is only an LPN and the law says something about having to have an RN license....well #1 what does that even mean and #2 it sounds illegal....any advice without having to consult a lawyer? I don't want to ruin my career before it even starts but also don't want to pass up an opportunity.....
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