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  1. Hey! 2weeks from now I will start my work as ER nurse in Musc, I'm kinda anxious and excited also. I still did not buy my scrubs,any idea where I can buy with a good price, I know there are many website but I'm kinda sceptical to buy. Any tips and suggestions, do I need also to buy stethoscope,penlight, and other nursing materials? This is my first job here in us, so I'm still on the process of adjustment. i worked outside the country Hope you can give some advice and tips on my first day! Thank you! . Your comments will be super appreciated.
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  3. by   Damsychick
    Hi! Thanks for adding me. From which country you came from? I'm new foreigner in Charleston too and still working on my nursing license, sadly. MUSC is a good hospital in this state, i guess they'll orient you with everything you need. i'd love to get in contact with you, message me personally if you want, 2055698258. Goodluck with the new job!