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Need Info Please!

  1. 0 Hello, I am currently an ADN and have been for 8 years and now I have decided I need to get my BSN. I am looking for the most cost effective but also I prefer everything to be online due to working fulltime. I am currently taking some prerequisites that I have been told I need but will transfer out where ever I decide to go. For those of you that have gotten your RN-BSN online, is it wise for me to continue taking these classes at the local community college here and going to class which is difficult or should I just try to find an online program that will let me take whatever prerequisites that I need there. Just looking for some opinions and thoughts on this matter. Thanks in advance!
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    you will save yourself money if you decide on a college first, they all have so many diff prereqs they want! I went to univ of wyoming, but hear they may be increasing their tuition to out of state instead of in state for all online degrees. all online now.

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