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Myrtle Beach

  1. 0 Hello SC nurses!!
    I am hoping to pick your brains for some information about coming and working with you.
    I am an ICU nurse and I might be heading to Myrtle Beach area.
    Does anyone have information/ opinions regarding the area hospitals ( traveler friendly?) , pay rates, housing, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Aloha Malama!

    I just came from Myrtle Beach! Whea you goin? Big changes in store for you!
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    I live and work in Myrtle Beach. I dont know what travelers make here but I can tell ya the pay here is not as good as other areas. The rents are expensive too. Some of the area hospitals have a hiring freeze on right now....PM me if you would like and I will give you my thoughts and feelings about the hospitals in the area.....take care and enjoy your visit here....