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Low Country South Carolina questions and comments

  1. 1 Charleston, Summerville, Georgetown, Walterboro, Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.
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    looking to possible move in the next year how is the nursing market down there? and what is approxhourly for a 10 yr rn
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    Does anyone have any recommendations for an RN relocating to Myrtle Beach? I'd love to hear about places to avoid as much as places to try
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    Looking to Relocate to Charleston area....need advice please! I am a RN looking for any info on good areas to live near Charleston. We are looking around Goosecreek or Summerville. I am a dialysis RN and believe I will be able to transfer through my job but Im curious about the areas down there b/c Im not familiar with them. Any info would be appreciated!! How is the economy down there? I want a safe neighborhood with good schools, we may need to rent to start,so any recommendations?