L&D in Aiken/Lexington/Columbia area

  1. I'm a labor and delivery nurse in NY and my husband and I are thinking about moving to Aiken SC soon.
    We're also trying to get pregant so I'm researching hospitals in the area.
    I think I like Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta because it's close to Aiken, has a good NICU and a midwife on staff.
    I've also heard good things about Lexington Medical Center and they have midwives also.
    Any opinions on hopsitals in the area are welcome!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Lexington would be my first...never worked there however. Baptist delivers bunches of babies. The OB's are usually right across the bridge that connects the medical offices. Providence Northeast I believe is stopping their OB for low census and concentrating on hearts, ortho and neuro.
    If you are having a difficult pg, or are needing preemie care then Palmetto Richland-the teaching hospital is the way to go. Only level 3 and has a dedicated "Stork Ambulance" to pick up outlying preemies that may need critical care and or ECMO.