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Jobs in the Florence area?

  1. 0 I can't find a job in Florence or surrounding areas. I've put in everywhere. I can't be the only one (please God let me not be the only one). Anyone else?
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    Sorry to hear that.. I just got finished I the class I finished had alot of RN and LPN to finish. There is a hiring frozen so you had to know someone to get a job. Alot of people don't have a job. I got a interhospital transfer.. good luck.. it hard out here.. in Florence Area there Florence Darlington and FMU those two school got most jobs on lock.. good luck to you..
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    My mom works at McLeod and said they had planned to post a lot of jobs after Oct 1 because that's the beginning of the new fiscal year. Keep checking! Good luck to you!
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    I had a couple of my old classmates just move to Florence, and they got a job at McLeod Regional Medical Center. Try there. Good Luck.

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