Florence Darlington Technical College

  1. 0 Hi i'm new to this site but i'm nerve wrecked right now... has anybody applied to FDTC for the August 2013 admission. I currently live in Sumter and I've filled out my nursing app for FDTC over a month now waiting on an acceptance letter. Has anyone received theirs yet? I was reading over the nursing app materials and it says that Darlington, Marion, basically florence County applicants are chosen first so im kind of nervous about getting in I have all my prerequisites but obviously im not a florence county resident but im clearly not that far away...Hope i get lucky and get in im really looking forward to this and this is my dream
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    Yes its true and I live in Charleston and no that cause I'm thinking about going to Florence Darlington myself cause I can apply to get in the spring cause I have everything that's required

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