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  1. Hey, I'm considering Charleston Southern RN-BSN program. Could anyone tell me some information on the program? Pro and Cons.. I'm not sure where I want to get my BSN also telling ideas on a college... Relocating to Charleston want to attend classes not really into online but is considering it. Not into MUSC program nothing against it but not interested.. Thank you in advance:typing
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  3. by   scbelle104
    I graduated from CSU in 1980 (long time ago) The program at that time was ADN. My experience was a positive one and I felt very prepared when taking NCLEX. I can only imagine the program has gotten better and they have a very high pass rate on nclex. I think last year was 100 %. The only disadvantage is it is private and tuition is really high compared to other schools in the area. Also be prepared to take old or new testament . No one gets out of there with out one or the other. good luck!!