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Charleston, SC....Advice needed!!!

  1. 0 Hey guys... I'm going to be moving to Charleston, SC during the Summer of 2012. I will have had 2.5 years experience in a Cardiac ICU stepdown unit. I want to work where I can still get State Retirement... I'm really looking into MUSC. Any advice on which floors are good to work on....areas.... pay... employee satisfaction..... etc???? Any advice will help!!!!!! Or any advice on Roper Hospital or any surrounding healthcare places?? Thank you!!!!!
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    Hello, I worked for Roper Hospital for 2+ years before having to move to Myrtle Beach. I loved it. The joint replacement floor- 6South- is the best place to work. I did that, then oncology. Roper has a great cardiology dept, but I did not personally work on those floors. I have 2 friends who work in Neuro at MUSC and love it. They are both good places. Good luck!
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    MUSC 9west Neuro floor is pretty awesome...I did a clinical rotation there and loved it...the nurses there seemed like they really loved their jobs and working for MUSC...this was my favorite clinical experience...

    Right now, MUSC is hiring on their kidney transplant unit...Good Luck...I love living in Charleston!

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