Charleston hospitals...RN/patient ratios, staff support & satisfaction, and turnover?

  1. 1 While I'm a Lowcountry native, I obtained my nursing education and began my nursing career out of state. After nearly 5 years away, I miss my family and and am seriously considering moving home!

    I'm sure I'm missing a hospital or two, but for those of you who work at MUSC, Roper/St. Francis, Trident, the VA, East Cooper Medical Center...

    - What is your patient to RN ratio, and for what unit/hospital?

    - Do you ever feel unsafe as a result of inadequate staffing or being assigned too many high acuity patients?

    - Do you usually have PCTs/CNAs and unit clerks, and do they actually help?

    - Are you and your coworkers satisfied with your units and/or facilities?

    - Is staff turnover a problem within your unit and/or facility?

    Thank you for your honest feedback!
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