Can you believe how hard it is to find a job?

  1. I am currently working PRN at a hospital in Orangeburg. I worked there for 4 years and the hours have been cut terribly. Dietary and housekeeping are being sent home having to supplement vacations hours for pay. I do not have that benefit. I do not qualify for benefits. I dont work, I dont get paid. I have not worked in 3 weeks. Recently I put in for Lexington and Richland and Providence. I have good prospects, but it is beside me how hard it is to find something that fits. Sure there are weeknd openings or nights. A nursing home wanted to pay me less than LPN pay. I have not looked for a job in awhile and always heard "as a nurse, its easy to find something". I am finding that not so true.
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  3. by   Caffeine_IV
    I can believe it but it truly sucks. I'd like to move to Greenville but can't get in an the hospitals there. I'm working at different hospital now and I rarely get called off but I'm ready for a change. So much for the flexibility of nursing.

    I'm glad to have my job though...don't want to sound too bitter about it all.