Any Aiken Tech 2012 hopefuls out there??? Any Aiken Tech 2012 hopefuls out there??? | allnurses

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Any Aiken Tech 2012 hopefuls out there???

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    Is there anyone who applied this fall 2011 for the upcoming spring 2012 R.N. program at Aiken Tech? If so, have you heard anyone say how many points you need to get in?? I wonder how many people applied and when we will receive notification if we got in?
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    I've applied but do not know of the cut off points, nor how many people applied. I believe we should receive notification the end of October. Hope this helps and good luck.
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    I just wanted to wish you luck! I am not applying to Aiken Tech, but I am applying to USC-Aiken right down the road and I am super nervous. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    I heard that this past class had 22 points to get in. Thanks for letting me know that we should hear by the end of October.
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    Moved to SC Nursing Programs Discussion forum.
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    I received my letter today. Did you get in? Good luck!!