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    In account settings I went to "add a signature" and received this message:

    Attention: Please Read

    Sorry, you are not permitted to have a signature.
    1) Why not?
    2) Why is there no additional information provided, or any links to additional information?
    3) If I am not permitted to have a signature, why is this an option at all?
    4) Is there any kind of basic how to use site beyond the FAQ/how to use site forum? I mean, one single article that gives a general overview of this is how to post, this is where to find new articles, these are different membership levels and what you get for each level. For example, I never knew that you couldn't send a PM until you reached 15 posts - is this information given anywhere except in response to users asking "why can't I send a PM"?
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    Signatures are one of the perks of being a Premium or Platinum member. For more information about the different levels of membership, you can click on the Membership link at the bottom of the page, which will take you to this page: Support the Site and Get More Perks.