My posts moderated;I've been naughty? My posts moderated;I've been naughty? | allnurses

My posts moderated;I've been naughty?

  1. 0 Last week or so, I receive a message that my posts are waiting approval before being displayed. Does this mean I said something bad or is this a new feature?
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    Some forums (Criminal History, HESI, a few others) are moderated forums. In moderated forums, all posts are reviewed before being published--and this would apply to anyone posting in those forums. So if you were posting in a moderated forum, you would be getting the "awaiting approval" message.

    However, if you are getting that message regardless of wherever you are posting, you need to talk to one of the Admins about that. You can start a thread in the Help Desk and ask for assistance.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yes. Thank you. I think it was TEAS, so that makes sense now.
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    You haven't been naughty...((HUGS)) We would let you know if there was something wrong long before you would be moderated.

    There are also times when you are posting by mobile device you may accidentally post as an article (which also require approval) or research (which is also moderated for everyone).

    We see these, change, and approve them.