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by zmansc

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I'm getting use to the new interface, and I was able to find my favorites link, but I can't seem to find where I mark the forum as all read like we could do before. Is there a reason this button is missing, or am I just not... Read More

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    Note: You will have to move your cursor to the area where the options will display when needed.

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    Any way you could add this on the favorites page and make it mark all forums read?

    My usual browsing here is to open my favorites list (my bookmark), so that is where I go, open each sub-forum in a new window, then scroll to the bottom and mark all read, but now I have to scroll to the bottom, click site map then mark all read. I know, not a huge deal of 1 extra click, but if it was on the same page it would be easier.
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    Good idea! I'll add it to my TODO list. (no ETA)
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    Quote from Joe V
    Good idea! I'll add it to my TODO list. (no ETA)
    I'm sure it is a long one. Thanks
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    I like it, thanks a ton.