A few questions that ive managed not to ask for some reason

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    I've been feeling a little more attached to allnurses, which is making my more mundane curiosities actual questions I'd love to hear answers to!

    How does my profile info get written? Am I able to change it?

    Do account upgrade fees go to anything besides site maintenance? (Not to disregard the probable high expense that maintaining this site probably incurs, of course!)

    What do the "bronze 4" and "platinum" etc. indicators mean? I assume it has to do with activity, but can you break down what each means?

    I think that's all! Thank you!
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    This will get you up to speed...

    What's New on allnurses

    New Ranking System (replaces Post Count Stars)

    You can change your profile page info via your Account Settings. You can use the Privacy settings to hide/show info from the general public (non-members), registered members, etc.

    Any articles that you post on allnurses will be available in the "Blog" section of your profile page.
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    Thank you! I tried to find info on my own but got lost along the way. And for some reason when I tried to edit my profile info before this time, I couldn't get to where you linked me. Not sure if it's a glitch on my end or not, but glad to have it sorted out now. It's not that I wanted to add anything spectacular or anything. I just hated what was written before.

    Anyway! Thank you!