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The Operating Room

By judybsn In training I spend four months in the Operating Room, that wonderful, scary, fascinating, educational place. The O.R. always evoked strong emotions for me. I loved the O.R., I hated the O.R., I was enamored by the O.R. and terrified by the O.R. all at the same time. The educational aspects... Read More


Mixed Between-Within Subjects ANOVA

By VickyRN Mixed between-within subjects ANOVA (also known as a split-plot ANOVA) combines two different types of one-way ANOVA into one study: between-groups ANOVA and within-subjects ANOVA. Thus, in a mixed-design ANOVA model, one categorical independent variable is a between-subjects variable and the other... Read More


Using Goals to Grow in Nursing

By gscarlett goals are useful in life by allowing people to strive for something better. never allowing oneself to become completely content, encourages the pursuit of bigger opportunities and keeps dreams alive. upholding one’s own beliefs and values during the journey toward goals allows great personal... Read More


Nursing Communication: How to Make Sure Patients Feel Our Caring

By Wendy_Leebov Ineffective nursing communication occurred at one hospital as illustrated in the following example: A patient complained that no one had been in all night to check on her. The Patient Relations Rep went to find out if that was true. She found out that the patient's nurse had in fact been into... Read More


T-Tests and One-Way ANOVA

By VickyRN T-tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are widely used statistical methods to compare group means. Both are parametric statistical techniques, in that these tests involve a number of assumptions, including: normally distributed population; dependent variable measured on continuous interval or... Read More


The Delivery

By cofcmom05 For those of you who have worked long in labor and delivery and before the advent of the epidural, you may, perhaps, can relate to patients such as mine. Or not. Many years ago, I was a labor and delivery RN at a county medical hospital, serving a large population. The hospital only had 3... Read More


There's a Mousetrap In My Med Cart

By 99percentangel As some classmates in our RN nursing program gathered around in a small group this morning, I sided up and listened to a story that quickly carried me back in time when I was a newly licensed practical nurse (LPN) just learning how to manage my time as I passed the early morning medications. The... Read More


The Most Amazing Patient

By jeninthedesert Student Nurse – Class of 2010 One of my personal heroes came into my life in the most unexpected of ways. I have been working as a nursing assistant at a local hospital while going to school full-time to become a registered nurse. When I started my job in July 2007, I was brand-new to the... Read More


Expected Outcome - Not Met

By QuietRN As I walk down the hall of my long-term care clinical site, I am anxious to begin a day full of learning! I have my group patient care plan in hand, and I’m ready to work on my interventions. I spent a lot of time coming up with interventions that I felt could really help our almost-a-century-old... Read More


Tips for Making Your Clinical Day Better

By VickyRN The clinical practice environment is the place where classroom theory becomes “real.” This is the place where the “rubber meets the road,” so to speak, and students begin to build their personal foundation for safe, effective nursing practice and develop essential critical thinking skills. What can... Read More


Retirement When?

By Lindsey McGraw RETIREMENT WHEN? Years have passed with my hair turning a shade of white. I walk with a slight limp, but chronologically not as old as one might think. Flat feet, and varicosities well hidden under pant legs for none to see, working as a nurse “humpin the halls” each year that passes is... Read More


Life, Death, and Other Matters of Consequence

By VivaLasViejas Some days, it's just not worth chewing through the restraints....... I am a seasoned long-term care nurse. I deal with life and death matters all the time. My voice is often the last one a patient hears, and my hand the last human touch he or she feels. It's OK most of the time, that's why I was... Read More


Family-centered Maternity Care and Rooming-in

By Elvish A thread in the Ob/Gyn nursing forum got me thinking about this. Family centered maternity care (FCMC) is a buzzword that's no doubt quite familiar to many in maternal/child nursing circles. In my almost-eight years as a nurse - not long in comparison to many of my colleagues - I have seen several... Read More


“Clickers” in The Classroom

By VickyRN many students are passive in class, yawning frequently with eyes glazed over, mindlessly recording notes, and not really processing the content. instructors may insert questions throughout the lecture, but most students won’t raise their hand to attempt an answer. valuable in-class active learning... Read More


Everything I Know About Life, I Learned From Nursing

By VivaLasViejas ........I've learned that nursing is a great metaphor for life. It's both rewarding and frustrating, utterly fascinating at times and dull as tombs at others; it's funny, sad, beautiful, ugly, dramatic, unglamorous........and sometimes it outright stinks. ........A little effort can go a long,... Read More


Becoming a Nurse the hard way.

By twistedpupchaser I bumped into an old boss the other day and he asked what I am doing with myself these days. I replied that I am a nurse, he smiled and said that he remembered me at 18 wanting to become a nurse and how everything got in my way to acheiving my dream. He was so happy that I finally made it that I... Read More


Teaching Effectively in Very Large Classrooms

By VickyRN There is a huge difference in teaching 30 students, as opposed to 140 students. Large classrooms can be noisy, crowded, and full of distractions. The students can be disrespectful and out of control, with pockets of students texting, carrying on private conversations, and coming and going at will.... Read More


Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse

By madwife2002 So after leaving the polls running for several weeks the one I felt most interesting was the opinion of US trained nurses opinion on Foreign trained nurses, only 54 people voted on this poll which is surprising since we have hundreds of thousands members of which a large percent must be from the... Read More

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