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Sometimes, I'm Such a Moron!

By interleukin We usually post a sign at the head of the bed if a patient has a nickname. Someone had done so for my patient, Mrs. B. Her nickname was, "Littlefoot". "Very cool," I thought to myself. "Someone with American Indian bloodline." Mrs. B. was... Read More



By gsu8696 When you've worked in hospice as long as I have, there really isn't too much that a patient can do or say that surprises you. Most of the time, anyway. Pain management is a very tedious part of the hospice nurses' lives. It takes a lot of time to... Read More


Nursing Home Follies

By gsu8696 Working in a nursing home has never been something I was thrilled about doing. It was just never a place I wanted to practice nursing. But a friend of mine was DON of a nursing facility. She and I had worked several jobs together, sometimes she... Read More


Head Bugs....

By NurseAlwaysNForever Working in the lock down unit at the first nursing home I ever worked at was always hilarious. Most of the funny things I have experienced as a nurse have been because I misunderstood something I was being told. I am very ďbookĒ smart, but the... Read More


The Art of the Snappy Comeback or How to Render a Teenager Speechless

By NotReady4PrimeTime Although teenagers are considered pediatric patients by virtue of their age, they often behave in ways we wouldn't expect from a child. This article is a sanitized version of an experience I had with one such patient. Read More


Those are her breasts.....

By BSN_after_40 As most of us did, I started my nursing career as a CNA in a long term care facility. It was great experience and I really got my feet wet by following some great nurses around and pitching in where ever I could. But let's not forget the CNA's;... Read More


Pediatric Hospice Humor

By gsu8696 Pediatric patients intimidate me. Itís amazing how a little person who looks at you with huge, unsuspecting eyes can steal your heart and scare the dickens out of you in the same second. So imagine pediatric patients who are dying. No donít! Itís... Read More


Patriots' Act!

By gsu8696 It was a night like most others on our oncology/med surg unit. It didnít appear to be as busy as most other nights. A minimal amount of call lights were being utilized. The nursing assistants (yes, we had nursing assistants back then!) were not... Read More


Security Guard with the Mostest (or How to Entertain a Little Old Lady)

By Ruby Vee i was working in ccu, taking care of an elderly woman with a fresh mi. it might have been that the moon was full, but i can't say for sure. that was the night the patient took off from the medical floor where he was de-toxing from the combination... Read More


Easy as Blood Gases from a Dead Lady

By Ruby Vee maybe it's because i'm older now, or maybe it's because i've mellowed somewhat with age, but i'm convinced that medical and surgical residents these days are far nicer than they were in the past. no one has tried (knock wood) to rip me a new one... Read More


"That Crazy Old Lady Did It!"

By Ruby Vee When I started my first nursing job in the late 1970s, I was the very first BSN graduate hired at that hospital. They had their own School of Nursing, you see, a diploma school, and they pretty much exclusively hired their own graduates. I’m not... Read More


The Case of the Missing Spoon

By gsu8696 The evening shift at the hospital, especially on the oncology unit was one of the most enjoyable, interesting and unforgettable jobs I've ever had, even though I probably didn't think so at the time. This particular evening started off like most... Read More


Death Deny-ing Acts

By gsu8696 Most of us never forget our first experience with a patientís death. It usually makes a fairly intense impact on us as new nurses. I even remember the room number of the patient who initiated me with this aspect of nursing. I also remember that my... Read More


Funny Story Nursing Related_Ice Capades

By lindacoap November 8, 2008 Nursing goes far into my past so many funny things have happened during the course of time trudging up and down long halls serving my patients. The one hilarious happening that always stands out in my mind, reminding me of some... Read More


Farting IS STILL Funny!

By SN_sandersj Farting IS STILL Funny! I am a student nurse in my second semester of nursing school on a Medical-Surgical unit at a local hospital. I began this Tuesday at 0600, picked up my patient assignment, and reviewed her chart. Seventy-two year old... Read More


Murder, Marilyn Monroe and the Secret Dentures

By Tait many times in my nursing career i have come across the most hilarious of patients, but one patient, who i shall lovingly call ms. brit, had a cornucopia of entertaining idiosyncrasies. ms. brit ms. brit was a 70-something gi patient who... Read More


Communication Chaos!

By gsu8696 It was my second night as charge nurse for the evening shift on the oncology unit in the hospital where I worked. There were three major problems: one, I was charge nurse on the oncology unit; two, it was the evening shift; and three, I had no... Read More


Nurse Suzy-Q to the RESCUE!!!!

By NurseAlwaysNForever Average day with an average med pass, right? It’s the weekend, no head honcho’s in sight, and I’m a new nurse eager to do a great job. Still not comfortable in my own skin, but starting to get in a “routine“. Heck, it was Sunday and nothing could go... Read More


How to Electrocute a Mouse

By Ruby Vee it was my second nursing job, and i had moved from the small farming community near where i grew up halfway across the country to the big city. i was awed by my good fortune at landing a job in a world renowned hospital system, excited about... Read More


All Bleeding Stops . . . Eventually

By Ruby Vee all bleeding stops . . . eventually one of the basic tenets of "house of god" (written, i believe, by samuel shem -- my fourth copy disappeared because, once again, i let someone borrow it!) is that "all bleeding stops eventually." either it... Read More

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