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Nurses Who Harm Patients

By madwife2002 Nurses are often revered by society. The general pubic think of nurses as caring, helpful and healing. Certainly not as serial killers or as individuals who are out to harm loved ones. Nurses as serial killers can often be hushed up in society, allowing these nurses to not be identified quickly... Read More

39 me, means real nurse

By Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN The road to becoming a real nurse is filled with bumps, trips, joy, and tears. Students learn from nurses who teach them invaluable real life lessons in nursing. Nothing is more effective than the experience gained in nursing school clinicals. Preceptors are a crucial key in teaching nursing... Read More


Ebola: What About The Children?

By ElizabethStoneRN I’m a pediatric emergency nurse, and with the help of my peers, I feel prepared to handle just about any pediatric emergency. We have the luxury of access to evidence-based recommendations that guide us and our physician colleagues in the management of most major pediatric conditions, and we do a... Read More


The Contagion of Fear in the Ebola Crisis

By Cynthiahowardrnphd The Ebola crisis as with other crisis’ brings up fear; fear of the unknown, uncertainty and of the risks involved in handling the crisis. Fear is an emotion that keeps the focus on the past and or the future and what may happen. Fear is instructive like all emotions and it is not helpful to get... Read More


Ebola – Another side of the story. The scary side!

By servewithlove I remember when news about HIV first became public. People were scared and rightly so, because very little was known about this disease. Even though I was much younger at the time, I will never forget the whispers. The whispers when someone died and neighbors thought it should be of HIV. The... Read More


Encouraging Words From A BioContainment Nurse In Omaha Nebraska

By Michael M. Heuninckx Read some good news surrounding Ebola when a Registered Nurse from the BioContainment Patient Care Unit at the Nebraska Medical Center shares her story about how comfortable she feels working in this specialized unit. Also, learn more about what diseases a BioContainment Unit can handle, where they... Read More


Not So Sweet; Fruit Bat Harbors Ebola

By Brenda F. Johnson We have heard so much about ebola and how it affects us as nurses. Much of the focus has been on transmission person to person and how to protect ourselves. Where did this deadly virus originate? Researchers have tracked ebola into the depths of the African forest to a little rodent - the... Read More


Two Epidemics and Nursing

By SarahLeeRN While I am not an expert on Ebola, or on epidemic diseases, I am a registered nurse. As such, I feel that I along with many other nurses are positioned to be considered on the front lines of patient care. There have been many articles on this topic already. However, I would like to remind us of a... Read More


Is This Real, or Just a Fantasy

By jadelpn I could almost put this under "nursing humor". However, this is a discussion that we can all relate to in one way or another. Nurses are made to follow a process that puts a "customer satisfaction" spin on their practice. Sometimes, it can be a crossroads of what a nurse needs to do, and what... Read More


What Ebola has Done for Nursing

By jacqueline.damm With all the trials and tribulations facing modern day nursing, it becomes difficult to look on the positive side. What good can come from such pain and suffering? With budget cuts, staffing shortages and direct patient care being more about money than the individual, the light is hard to see.... Read More


Competition in Healthcare: Just a Nurse

By Cynthiahowardrnphd Do you know why you are a nurse? When was the last time you acknowledged the choice you made to make a difference in the world? Being a nurse is usually by choice and not by chance. Take the time to connect with your reasons you chose nursing and make this a part of your mission statement to make... Read More


Dealing With Death in the PICU

By Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN It has been a particularly harsh summer for me and the nurses I work with. I have had seven of my patients pass away, either on my shift when I was their nurse, or on a different shift. I have advocated for my patient to grieving parents who were left with the decision to withdraw care or to... Read More


My Struggle with ADD

By NeoNatMom I know that a lot of people will make light jokes about having ADD. You know, everyone saying they have ADD or OCD when they truly don't? Many don't even think it is a real, existing condition. Well, if you are someone who really does have this disorder, just know that there are so many out there... Read More


Follow your gut, being productive, and choosing to withraw

By NeoNatMom Many people don't want to waste their time. It has to be this year, this semester, if I don't do it now, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Many feel that if it can't be done this moment, it isn't meant to be or they have to change majors. I am here to share my story of what I should have done in the... Read More


The Tribulations of an Ebola...Trainer

By Bridgid Joseph You can never be too prepared for Ebola. Training staff to protect themselves in the face of an outbreak, with all of the information from the CDC regarding "best" practice for healthcare workers changing frequently, is not only stressful for staff, but intensely stressful for the trainers. We... Read More


Bullying in the Workplace

By Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN October is National Bullying Awareness Month. Bullying can occur in places other than on the schoolyard or in the school hallways. Bullying in the workplace is a very real occurrence that happens on a daily basis. Nurses can be victims of a bully in several ways: horizontal (from upper level... Read More


Nursing School Won't Teach You These Things (Part 3)

By TheCommuter Nursing students become immersed in the art and science of the profession during the time spent in nursing school. Bluntly, two facets of nursing coexist. There's a textbook world of nursing alongside a real world of nursing, and sometimes these two worlds brutally clash. This is the third piece in... Read More


Ebola - My Right to Accept or Refuse an Assignment

By Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN Ebola has been the dominant topic on the news for a few weeks now. Nurses have been making the front page, insisting on their rights to be adequately protected from this deadly virus. Nurses everywhere are wondering what their rights and responsibilities are when it comes to accepting or refusing... Read More

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