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  1. Reference for NICU Preceptorship
    [FONT=arial black]I am about to start my preceptoship in the NICU in 2 weeks and I would love to get a book to study and prepare for it. I found two books that seem popular... [FONT=arial...
    Mar 14, '12
    Forum: NICU Nursing / Neonatal
  2. CYU????
    Does anyone know what CYU stands for. I saw it in a chart. It says: "voids to urinal-cyu". Any ideas??? Thanks
    Nov 14, '11
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  3. male labor and delivery nurses
    I haven't read all 8 pages....but this was originally posted 6 years ago....was it ever posted if the original poster got a job in L&D
    Apr 3, '11
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  4. Social media and birthing babies
    No different than putting on your makeup in the morning before going to the grocery store or doctors office or any of the countless things women doll themselves up for. I don't think that it is fair...
    Apr 3, '11
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  5. L&D rotation
    Thank you everyone for the advise. I am really excited about L&D. It was actually after being there for a friend while she had her son and sister while she delivered my niece that I knew nursing was...
    Mar 18, '11
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  6. L&D rotation
    Hello everyone! I will be starting my L&D clinical rotation in a couple weeks. I know that L&D is a high stress unit and the nurses are usually super busy!!! I was hoping that I could get some...
    Mar 16, '11
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  7. Tacoma Community College Nursing Program
    Good luck everyone! Hope to see you all in the halls
    Nov 2, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  8. Tacoma Community College Nursing Program
    Also in Spring you can apply to both the full time and part time lotteries, this will increase you chances.
    Sep 17, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  9. Tacoma Community College Nursing Program
    Thanks for the suggestion... I will call tomorrow. I am getting so excited and nervous to start. They are good nerves though. Now it is just fighting through the paperwork. :D
    Aug 24, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  10. Tacoma Community College Nursing Program
    Thanks! I am working on getting my immunizations. But unfortunately my mom has lost all my childhood records and I have no health insurance. So I am trying to find somewhere cheap to either get the...
    Aug 23, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  11. Tacoma Community College Nursing Program
    Hey everyone! I have been reading and following for awhile. And I am thrilled to share that I got into the Fall 2010 cohort. I have orientation on 8/31 and have a ton of stuff that needs to be...
    Aug 23, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  12. Tacoma Community College Nursing Program - Fall 2010
    Hey All! I will be starting TCC's nursing program for Fall 2010. I cannot tell you how seriously excited I was to see my number in the top 23!!! I can't wait for orientation and to start next...
    Aug 16, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  13. ARNP
    Hey I was just wondering if anyone could fill me in on what all a nurse practitioner can do and what are their limitations? I know as a child my doctor was in-fact a nurse practitioner. What are the...
    Jun 30, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  14. Has anyone heard any acceptance news from PLU???
    Thank you so much everyone! The support is awesome.
    May 22, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  15. Has anyone heard any acceptance news from PLU???
    I just wish I knew if I was in or not. I feel like my life is on hold waiting. Congrats to you all that are in. Hopefully I will be in the club too.
    May 21, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  16. Has anyone heard any acceptance news from PLU???
    I am going crazy waiting...I know a couple girls who got acceptance letters. Ahhh I just want to know
    May 5, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  17. Has anyone heard any acceptance news from PLU???
    No not yet. I know they have said that notifications will be sent out as late as first week of June, so I am still trying to stay positive. My birthday is June 4th, so maybe that would be the perfect...
    Apr 25, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  18. Has anyone heard any acceptance news from PLU???
    I am still holding out hope that I can get in. It is all I can think about. Every day makes me more nervous. Glad you made it.
    Apr 8, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  19. Has anyone heard any acceptance news from PLU???
    Hi everyone, I am waiting to hear from PLU and have heard a rumor that some acceptance e-mails have been sent...Anyone else waiting or has anyone gotten accepted for Fall 2010 or Spring 2011. HATE...
    Mar 25, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  20. Waiting on TCC for Spring 2010...
    They post the lottery draw on there web site so you can see what numbers were chosen. Also if you don't in the first run they keep the numbers just in case anyone backs out. And with the part time...
    Jan 28, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  21. Need some inspiration
    I know how you feel, I started nursing pre-reqs like 6 years ago. And then went through a stage not knowing if that was the right choice so I finished my AA. I too had a lot of family & personal...
    Jan 25, '10
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  22. PLU BSN program
    not yet. I am working on some other applications now. PLU is my first pick and then I have a few back ups. We'll wait and see. Good luck to you too
    Jan 25, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  23. PLU BSN program
    I mailed my application in and they e-mailed me when they received it. Now they are saying that notifications will be early June. Its crazy scary to wait six months. I have so much riding on this. I...
    Jan 23, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  24. Nervously Awaiting an Answer
    Yeah I know the feeling, PLU gets about 400-500 applications a year and only accept 45 for fall and some for spring. It so hard to not get your hopes up though. :rolleyes:
    Jan 22, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  25. PLU BSN program
    I got my application mailed off yesterday. I hear that they get anywhere from 400-500 applications a year and they accept 45 student for fall and some for spring but not sure how many. I am super...
    Jan 21, '10
    Forum: Washington Nursing