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  1. Should Healthcare Professionals Ask About Guns in the Home?
    Most Americans have strong feelings about gun control, whether in favor of more or less. Legislation has even been passed restricting physicians from discussing guns with patients. What is your...
    Nov 27, '15
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  2. More Nursing Humor
    It all began with a nurse in the open heart recovery at the hospital where I worked. She thought that a new resident was dreamy and wanted me to introduce her to him. When she said that she would...
    Feb 1, '15
    Forum: Nursing Humor / Share Jokes
  3. Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses
    Well said Raicho. Whether you agree with the law, or think it is garbage, as Kyrshamarks does, the article is based on the facts, not opinion and anyone wishing to point out errors is welcome to....
    Dec 18, '13
    Forum: Nursing Activism / Healthcare Politics
  4. Recruiting for the Future
    A frequent topic of nursing discussions and articles has been that of nurses eating their young. This refers to the instances when older, more experienced nurses withhold the support newer nurses...
    Feb 7, '13
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty