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  1. New Accelerated Students at University of Delaware.
    Hey I had a good first year in the program. It was hard but manageable. I didn't work after the first Fall semester but there were a few people who did keep their unit clerk jobs but cut their...
    Jul 21, '10
    Forum: Delaware Nursing
  2. New Accelerated Students at University of Delaware.
    Hi everyone I wanted to reach out to all 34 other 2009 accelerated nursing students. I was curious to see what everyone was doing for work while in the program. I am trying desperately to work...
    Jun 11, '09
    Forum: Delaware Nursing
  3. anyone joining University of delaware accel nursing program in fall 2009
    How do you know you got into the accelerated program? As of now they are in the midst of processing the applications. So far the have over 60 and only 35 students are accepted? How are your grades...
    May 14, '09
    Forum: CNA/MA - Nursing / Medical Assistant