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  1. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    The answer to the gpa question you already have a bachelor's or are you entering as an undergraduate. If you already have a degree, the gpa requirement is less stringent. The advisors are...
    May 20, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  2. Saint Louis University SLU?!
    CWE stands for Central West End, the area around the hospital complex, more or less.
    Aug 30, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  3. Hard for GNs to get jobs in St. Louis?
    Patrick and Precious- A question if you don't mind. Were either of you working as patient care techs previous to your hire? The reason I ask is this.....we are just finishing our first semester...
    Jul 25, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  4. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    What a crazy two weeks this will be, finals this week, next week start! Whew. I have the orientation in my calendar as 0900-1230, Seton 6. Time to finally meet everybody.
    May 12, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  5. dosage calculation course, credit course
    The SCC course is really designed to get you through the Dosage Calculation exam that is the first hurdle for SCC's nursing school. She teaches the class to get you through the test at SCC and...
    May 8, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  6. Question on where to go...stl area
    Just reinforcing mmgirls mama's comment.....What was so far away a year and a half ago, is now five weeks away. Five weeks from today will be the first day of nursing classes. As to university versus...
    Apr 12, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  7. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    So by my five weeks we will be sitting in class!
    Apr 12, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  8. Discharged Florida "Gay" Nurse Reinstated
    I am glad to hear he was reinstated. I used that case as a reference in a class assignment. The professor kept using the term 'sexual predator' instead of convicted sex offender. I did a commentary...
    Apr 6, '10
    Forum: Nursing News
  9. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    Ree- I was told by financial aid they would do my package after after I register. Since I am not currently an UMSL student, I don't get to register until sometime in April. It will be cutting it a...
    Apr 3, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  10. What to expect from UMSL accellerated program
    Just bumping this to keep it alive
    Mar 24, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  11. Advice for my friend re: GPA
    The school I applied to recently takes only your first attemp at Chem and Bio, even though they make you retake them if they haven't been in the last five years. My first attempts were a big party...
    Mar 10, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  12. I need a lot of help, failed out of nursing school
    i don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom. general george s. patton okay, i know that should be person, but that's not how he said it....
    Mar 10, '10
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student
  13. UMSL Fall 2010 Traditional BSN Program
    solidermedic, Congrats! keep in mind that your Hep B series will take a total of six months to if you have not started it, get on it. Also, the state is paying the counties for health...
    Mar 6, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  14. ADN to RN-BSN vs. accelerated BSN & Columbia College vs. MU
    The take away that I received from reading a bunch of these threads is good economic times, in terms of getting hired, not much difference between the rough times.....the BSN...
    Feb 26, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  15. What to expect from UMSL accellerated program
    I can not seem to find anything about what to expect, workload wise while in this program. Perhaps some of you veterans of it can fill us in as to what to expect. What is the rhythm of the week? ...
    Feb 18, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  16. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    Yes, I have been accepted in the May class. I just really haven't seen anything about what kind of workload we are facing. It would be nice to have some idea of what we are facing.
    Feb 17, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  17. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    Hi all! I was hoping someone could shed a little light on what someone coming into the accelerated BSN program can expect. What does a typical week look like during our first summer there? ...
    Feb 17, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  18. Lpn schools in st.louis,missouri
    This is more of an off topic question to WDWpixieRN. I tried to figure out a way to email or message you from this site but couldn't figure it out....don't know if it is too early in the day or what!...
    Feb 15, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  19. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    For the CPR, the American Heart Association,, has a locator feature for classes. I am taking mine Thursday night at the Mills, $60, no shared manequins. Also, your Hep B, if...
    Jan 29, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  20. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    A&P II, Nutrion, and Human Growth and Development, all at SCC.
    Jan 14, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  21. Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program
    Hi all, I just found this thread while I was trying to find out what people were saying about the acellerated program. I will be part of the May '10 class, assuming of course, that this semester goes...
    Jan 13, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing